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VON ALLIN is a German minimalist "contemporary artista" whose work extracts the very essence of a feeling, a thought or a situation. Her unique perspective on life’s impalpable essence results in her strong, intimidating - and sometimes playful art. 


VON ALLIN's mini documentary 

to get more insights into her art and her artistic vision!


Growing up in a drab and design-free environment, VON ALLIN developed a desire for design and color at an early age. After graduating from the Design Academie Berlin, VON ALLIN pursued her design career for leading German design agencies, such as Peter Schmid Group and Brandcouture.


Being in a constant search for the perfect medium to express her minimalist vision, VON ALLIN traveled the world, from Oxford, GB to Costa Rica, until she decided to trade her career in design for fine art. She experiments with a wide range of different mediums and techniques including monochrome painting, mixed-media and installations. 


The artist draws her inspiration from her personal struggle to understand and cope with certain emotions, thoughts or situations. Like a writer searching for the perfect word or a chef striving for the ultimate taste, painting and building are her ways of exploring and reflecting on the most intense, intimate aspects of the human experience. Through her series "shades of life" and "salt and pepper", she shares with the viewer her unique perspective on life's essence, which can be very intimidating at times, yet sometimes, almost amusing.   


Her journey of capturing the quintessence of life also unfolded her dedication to color, as it can be seen in her "color paintings series". These joyful paintings balance the seriousness of the “shades of life series”, inviting others to embrace the full range of human experience with humility and grace. Her painting “the reds”, for instance, uses color arrangements not to intimidate, but to convey a feeling of boldness and empowerment. Here, minimalistic forms provide the perfect backdrop for her strong and sometimes whimsical art. Organic and approachable, her work expresses the pure joy of living and exploring


In 2019, VON ALLIN’s art caught the eye of Roxana Sava, founder of State Of The Art Agency who now manages and represents her. VON ALLIN is currently living in Bonn, Germany, but her work can be found in private collections in Sweden, Germany, Great Britain and New York.



June 2020 - SOLO Exhibition at the European Parlament, Brusseles 

March 2020, Solo Exhibition at Galerie-Foyer // Brotfabrik SPLIT CANVAS WORKS

October 2019 - Accessible Art Fair, BOZAR, Brusseles Belgium

September 2019 - "Shades of Her", New York City


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