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Roxana Sava

Artist Adviser, CEO & Founder of State of the Art Agency

Roxana Sava founded State of the Art Agency to represent and manage female artists, after years of working closely with internationally renowned artists Mr Brainwash and Eduardo Kobra. Recognizing the need for female representation and empowerment within the art world, Roxana works with artists in One-on-One Sessions, helping them navigate the art world, building a strong brand while creating strategy maps to the get them to the next level of their careers.


Giuliana la Monaca

Sales Representative

Giuliana is the Sales Representative at State Of the Art Agency. 
Born in the south of Italy, she moved to Milan to become an Interior Designer.
After being exposed to the stimulating design community in the fashion capital of the world, she undertook a Masters Program in Contemporary Art from Sotheby’s Institute of Art in New York City, from which she graduated in February 2020. 
Thanks to her classes and field studies in Mexico City and Havana, she has a deep knowledge of Latin American Art.
Giuliana is a globe-trotter, who has visited 25 of the 50 American states and loves horseback riding and surfing. As a true Italian, she’s also a food lover: when she’s not on a plane or in a museum, you can find her eating pasta at the usual Italian restaurant in downtown NYC.
Giuliana speaks Italian and Spanish and she currently resides in New York City.


Carolina Villarreal

Marketing & Sales Representative

Carolina Villarreal is currently attending the University of Florida in pursuit of a Bachelors in Marketing alongside minoring in Art History and Mass Communications.

Through her passion for the arts from a young age and a fascination in brand building, she can establish personalized marketing strategies geared to create national and international buzz. Aiding artists in establishing worldwide recognizable branding for artists is the goal, so every artist can further invest in their talents while better representing themselves.

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