Sculpture by Kseniya Oudenot


Clay, Thermoplastic, Acrylic Paint, Powders and Resin


H17 W14 D23 CM | 6.6 x 5.5 x 9 INCHES


Kseniya Oudenot is a Ukrainian born, British artist living and working in Paris and London. Through a convergence of interest in nature, science and time perception; her art explores the allegorical resonance and fantasy involved in man-made, altered nature within our society and juxtaposition of time.


Her fine art signature is the use of small ephemeral particles, both natural and man-made materials; "sand, glitter, crushed rocks, leaves, flowers, beads or dust as a reminder of time passing, dust storms sweeping away memories and feeling of change emerging." - Kseniya Oudenot 

We Are All Made Of Stone II


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