SPOTTED ART TRENDS - Affordable Art Fair NEw York City

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

New York’s Affordable Art Fair is a bi-annual event offering buyers the opportunity to invest in amazing up-and-comers and even some big names at very attractive price points. We walked this AAF’s offerings to spot the standouts and identify some hot new trends.

A lot of what we saw on the floor was reflective of our social media feeds. Booths teeming with minimalist backgrounds, bold dimensional texture, pastel canvases and pop-art references. It’s always exciting to further experience these popular styles up-close and at scale.

Art fairs like this one in Chelsea offer the opportunity to get a day full of gallery shopping completed in the span of a few hours, but knowing what to look for in a great piece and a great deal will help you maximize your time. If you’re looking for guidance in starting your art collection or if you’re looking into expanding an existing one, our team is here for experienced collectors and novices alike.

Let’s start by exploring a few of the hot trends that kept catching our eye. While this, and any good art fair, will have something for everyone, there is definitely a sense that both the space and many of the options were trying to evoke the millennial sentiment. Not unlike what any art fan sees regularly popping up in their feeds these days.

The main characteristic that we noticed was the dichotomy of the trends, and moreover, the attempt of some works to bridge these trends.


Let’s start with an obvious call-out which is that many of the pieces sel