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JUXTAPOSITION OF TIME by Kseniya oudenot


Kseniya Oudenot is a British artist living and working in Paris and London. Through a convergence of interest in nature, science and time perception, her art explores the allegorical resonance and fantasy involved in man-made, altered nature within our society and juxtaposition of time. A prolific cross-disciplinary artist, Oudenot has developed a vast body of sculptures, paintings, drawings and art installations. 

Her fine art signature is the use of small ephemeral particles, both natural and man-made materials, "sand, glitter, crushed rocks, leaves, flowers, beads or dust as a reminder of time passing, dust storms sweeping away memories and feeling of change emerging." 

Since 2018, Kseniya is represented in the United States by Roxana Sava and State of the Art Agency.

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