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Karina Yacoubian is an artist whose abstract work is marked by the predominance of color, movements and interlocking forms, in a close relationship with an imaginary and surreal world. 


Since childhood, she was fascinated with drawing, art history and architecture. As she grew up, she gained knowledge in these various fields, which accompanies her journey through the fine arts. Academically, she trained in Interior Design at the ORT University, Montevideo Uruguay, followed by studies at Architecture at the University of Belgrano, Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is a self-taught artist who likes to experiment with different materials, techniques and mediums.


She lived in Argentina, Mexico and the United States. Since returning to her home country, Uruguay, she’s been involved in architectural projects with a focus on painting and exhibiting her work. 

The artist’s first paintings encompass abstract expressionism with a predominance of color in oil paint on large surfaces and in some cases a geometric order, contrasted by works with organic lines.


In her latest works, Yacoubian instated a certain freedom, a lightness in the forms existing in her paintings, dismissing any rigid rules. The artist almost creates a game between the canvas, the pigments - and her interpretation, generating a link between the work and her feelings. The creative process of these paintings resemblance an 'action painting'. These artworks mark a clear detachment of rules by showing a clear break from repetition.


Her works are in different private collections in Italy, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador and Uruguay. 

In 2019, Yacoubian’s art caught the eye of Roxana Sava, founder of State Of The Art Agency, who started managing and representing her. 


August 2019 - Collective Exhibition at Cottage Hotel, Montevideo, Uruguay 


May 2019 - 7th Congress of Money Laundry at the Americas, Montevideo, Uruguay 


April 2018 - SATEC. Collective Exhibition, Montevideo, Uruguay 


September and October 2017 - ADDIP (Uruguayan Interior Designer Association), Montevideo, Uruguay


November 2016 - Golf Club La Tahona, Canelones, Uruguay 


October 2016- BO Concept, Montevideo, Uruguay 

September 2016 - BO Concept, Punta del Este, Uruguay 


July 2016 - BO Concept. Punta del Este, Uruguay 


In addition, Karina is an active member of her community for which she donates works of her art, as well as organizing events.

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