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Are you considering taking you career to the next level but you’re not sure how to make that happen?


We’re here to help you!

We work with artists in one-on-one sessions, dedicating our full attention to your specific needs, then coming with the right strategy.

We work with artists in one-on-one sessions focusing your specific needs to develop the right strategy

Our private coaching session can be on the topic of your choice


We can curate the perfect artist proposal for successful submissions to galleries worldwide.


With great experience in the art industry, our team will help you navigate this delicate yet important matter of a successful artist career.


Together we’ll develop a strategy to establish your online presence, from building a website to social media accounts and more.


We'll develop the right strategy for selling your art & achieving exposure and to target untapped potential

Our private coaching session can be on the topic of your choice:


Pricing strategy

Social Media Strategy

Growing your client database

Selling online

Website optimization

Emailing campaigns

PR: online and print media

Developing new sales strategies

And More

Each session includes:    

  • 60 minute personalized session

  • 30 min follow-up

  • Unlimited email access during our strategy plan

  • Support documents to implement the recommendations

  • A printable worksheet 

  • A printable checklist

Total: $199

First time clients will be offered a 10% discount.


"After working closely with internationally renowned artists Mr Brainwash and Eduardo Kobra, I founded State of the Art Agency to represent and manage female artists, curating the creative collaborations and connecting them with fine art collectors worldwide.


Recognizing the need for female representation and empowerment within the art world, State of the Art Agency exists to provide 360 degree services to this niche market, particularly Contemporary European and American artists.


Through my roles leading projects for world-renowned artists like Kobra to serving as the point-person for the management team of Mr. Brainwash, I established a strong network of artists, galleries, and curators, while working alongside local government to ensure the proper execution and unveiling of public art installations in America.


The nature and impact of art is global, and for this reason, we collaborate and represent artists from all over the world, including creative major hubs like New York, Chicago and France and Germany.


With a degree in Public Relations with a specialized concentration in Journalism and Advertising from the University of Bucharest, one of the most notable institutions in Romania, my academic experience has fortified my knowledge of how to build a brand from the ground up, organize and grow events and campaigns, and communicate with both media and gallery owners."

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Work with one of our coaches in one-on-one sessions and focus on YOUR specific needs to develop the right strategy.
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If you're in it for the long run and you wish to dedicate your energy solely into making art,

we'll take care of the rest!


State of the Art Agency selects artists with potential and develops brand awareness with events, exhibitions, collaborations, sponsorship and dedicated marketing strategies.


We work to establish artistic standards while simultaneously building a solid sales and performance record with strategically established market awareness.

In order to stand out in a crowded marketplace, the online presence of the artist has to be cohesive and reflect the artistic vision. From writing a state of the art biography and statement, to help navigating the art world - we’ll offer guidance to achieve the ultimate success.

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Our team will compile a proposal that will reach the top art galleries world wide, art collectors and other great opportunities that will solidify the artist’s reputation and a visible growth in sales.

We know each artist has specific needs, being in different stages of their careers, so we also offer private coaching programs that targets your needs.


Be amongst the first to know about interesting art news, artists to watch, events and EXCLUSIVE deals

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