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Roxana Sava

Artist Adviser, CEO & Founder of State of the Art Agency

Through her roles leading projects for world-renowned artists like Kobra to serving as the point-person for the management team of Mr. Brainwash, Roxana established a strong network of artists, galleries, and curators, while working alongside local government to ensure the proper execution and unveiling of public art installations in America.

The nature and impact of art is global, and for this reason, Roxana collaborates and represents artists from all over the world, including creative major hubs like New York, Chicago, Germany, France and Belgium.

Her experience is combined with a keen and natural eye for visuals and a charismatic and transparent personality that helps to take artists to the next level in their careers.

With a degree in Public Relations with a specialized concentration in Journalism and Advertising from the University of Bucharest, one of the most notable institutions in Romania, her academic experience has fortified her knowledge of how to build a brand from the ground up, organize and grow events and campaigns, and communicate with both media and gallery owners.

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